Although MTL is American born, we do have a significant infusion of old world weaving that rivals anyone’s anywhere via the 150 year old history brought to MTL by MTL’s co-owner Benoit LeClercq. His family’s long weaving expertise dates before 1850 and although the production of Leclercq-Leroux has since ceased in France, the treasure trove of a century and a half of weaving, the fruit of so many looms and historical periods and artistic trends, is alive in the 80,000 plus collection of artwork and woven samples held in a specially built archival vault at MTL in Jessup, Pennsylvania.

This resource offers MTL’s clients access to one of the world’s greatest collections that will inspire among the best designs of tomorrow. We welcome our customers to use this library as a valuable tool in product development in the creation of extraordinary flat woven and velvet qualities.