Woven Fabrics

MTL is one of the world’s most diverse weaving specialists. Unlike traditional “mills” that often focus upon one primary area of expertise, MTL takes a broad couture approach to the art of dobby and jacquard loom weaving and prides itself as a unique and value added resource to top fabric houses and furniture manufacturers worldwide.

Such a position is accomplished via a breadth of warp configurations that span heavy through especially fine, natural through synthetic fibers, smooth to novelty yarns, and dense to open constructions.

MTL’s arsenal of warp and weft yarns, the widest variety almost anywhere, completes our array of end counts in both stock and custom yarns and colors. Among our end results are textural qualities, large repeat jacquards, crisp and highly detailed cravat qualities, colorful and unique stripes, tapestries, sheers, satins, and much, much more.

Old world craft thrives in Pennsylvania and it can be noted that MTL reverses North America’s import trend by actually exporting to numerous western European nations. We invite you to know MTL.