Environmental Efforts

MTL believes that being positive toward the environment begins at home. As a specialized weaver of high quality furnishing fabrics with preparation and weaving operations utilizing outside procured dyed yarns and finishing services, MTL’s commitment to the well being and improvement of our natural environment is of paramount importance to the philosophy of MTL.  MTL is likewise committed to our associates and their families. MTL provides a safe and friendly work environment with opportunities for long term association and growth.

  • In April 2001, MTL commenced operations in an energy efficient, state of the art headquarters and production facility. This plant was built upon reclaimed land which was once strip mined and today utilizes high output and efficient means in the areas of lighting, ventilation, and machinery operation.
  • MTL offers a range of eco-friendly fibers and yarns. These fibers include domestically harvested and spun 100% wool, 100% naturally colored (not dyed) alpaca, 100% organic cotton, Bemberg (man-made silk made by a unique utilization of discarded cotton fiber), and recycled post consumer polyester. MTL continues to explore various earth friendly yarns including 100% natural yarns such as linen, hemp, paper, and various cottons.
  • MTL’s suppliers have pledged ecology friendly practices in their processes of spinning, extruding, and dyeing. More specifically, MTL maintains a policy of returning bobbins for re-use by our suppliers as well as re-utilizing cones and cardboard tubes internally.
  • New equipment will be compatible with vendors to ensure minimal packaging consumption.
  • An ongoing program of transferring previously disposed selvage waste to uses in environmental friendly products. Waste is handled by a professional waste management company and includes recycling of common materials such as cardboard, wood, and paper.
  • Additionally, MTL stresses the importance of sourcing domestic and local resources as much as possible for our materials. MTL’s materials management department also employs consolidated shipments to reduce shipments.

In 2007, an incentive plan was launched that benefits all employees with quarterly bonus pay for reaching or exceeding performance criteria in efficiency, attendance, quality, and revenue.